The Mistful Mind

Myriad of thoughts & feelings, unheard..unspoken words poured out..

The Supreme Glorious Light


या देवी सर्व भुतेशु शक्ति रूपेण संस्थितः

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः




..and “she” continued to exist…


What is death?

Is it the same I am experiencing every day?

The death of desires…the demise of love?

The ruin of affection…the fall of warmth…

They say, women are stronger…              

They can show their woe no longer

They are not allowed to express…

They have to bury their longings and suppress…

I am burdened… I am bewildered…I am lost

I am shaken and the faith is all tossed…

It’s somewhat like a forced compulsion

Continue to walk barefoot on a scorched trail

Even if it’s dead as a bone…lifeless and frail


Try ‘n’ Understand


Yes I will try…I will understand…

I will keep shut and know you are busy

I would not react as it could appear cheesy

I will not look forward for our meeting

Coz I know you might somewhere else be greeting

Yes I will try…I will understand…


I will not wait for you to call

As I know there is a huge mammoth wall

I will not look ahead to see you, holding you close

Even if my heart sinks, my limbs frail, my voice lows

Yes I will try…I will understand…


I will not cry even if inside it all breaks

As you might be resting at the bank of beautiful lakes

I will not voice my pain; I will hide all the sore

It will all be veiled in the shawl I wore

Yes I will try…I will understand…


That tender touch…


I needed you when words didn’t work              

I needed you when my voice did lurk

When I was stuck amongst countless pretenders

I needed your touch…so soft….so tender

When the Sky was all dark with the misty cloud

I wanted to be dispersed within your soul unbowed

When eyes are blinded with tears and dust

When all the relations caught deep dark rust

I needed you to bring back my faith …my trust…

I needed you and my Wanderlust




My Portion of life…



My portion…yes this is my own little space…

My own little world…my own tiny fence…

I care for them and it’s my own

I am delighted for the seeds I have sown

I don’t want a single faded leaf…

But that’s all in the heart of belief…

Oldies shed and new grown pops up

I am happy… in high spirits…With my tree, me and a tea-cup


I Knew it…

“I knew that you will and you must go away ..someday..I knew things will not remain as it used to said it once…I Knew it was just few good moments…I knew it would last for few days or months at the most..I knew I would not get to see you too often..I knew you would someday or the other get extremely busy arranging your own life and the life of others who surround you..I knew life would be incomplete without you..I knew love will be imperfect without you by my side…I knew I will not expect anything from you. it was a promise to be kept …Still I was there with all my heart no matter how short the time was..I am not shy to say yes it was a good time with you around… I could pour my heart out..spill my love over…laugh freely…smile happily…not hesitant to show you the way I feel…it became stronger..But that was not the deal..the deal was to take life easy and flow free…It now doesn’t seem to be so..without you it was impossible for me to know what the love it makes someone suffer so terribly, how it stings you each day…every day….Still…Never Loved you halfheartedly. I wont say it doesn’t matter whether you are near or not..because it truly matters..I wanted to find solace..but could not became an escapist..I wanted to forget…but could not became negligent…I wanted to reduce the pain…but could not find a painkiller for that…I want you to be happy …but could not be the reason for your smile…

You say you adored me…that was the first lie you told me which i came to know..but there were several things which I could not know…was it wrong? May be not..whom to blame? Myself? You? or the Time? Let it be the Time only as I cant take the pain of blaming you neither can bear the burden myself alone..”

Said Stella to Allan…after he has gone for years now…hands


My Pencil Sketch….



Eternally Temporary…

Allan said to Stella…..” please forget me. Think that everything was just a temporary phase. It shall pass. Move on…

“Not it cannot be temporary…screamed Stella….

That flash of memory cannot be momentary

Everyone here comes with their baggage…It’s you who loved me enough to unpack …

Every time I leave you…I leave numerous questions behind…

You ask me several times “is there anything I wanted to speak?”

I smiled and nodded every time as if I have emptied and poured all my heart…but that was not the fact…

You cannot imagine how much it get re-filled with emotions afterwards..

After leaving you…I still feel that you are with me…I want to share but find no words to say

All your words & action plays and re-plays in my mind…I sometime smile on my own thinking of a silly sentence said by you and the very next moment, I get conscious lest anyone should see me

It never happens with me what happens when you are there sitting opposite to me

It chokes my heart…I am chock-full till my throat but words never come out …and you are saying everything was just a temporary phase? Stella’s voice turns harsh and tears rolls down her fair cheeks…


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