The Mistful Mind

Myriad of thoughts & feelings, unheard..unspoken words poured out..

Rooh ka wo kona…


क्या कहा? हस्ते हस्ते भी कोई रो सकता है भला?
हां यकीनन…मैंने देखा है उसकी आँखों को नज़दीक से
पलके छलक आती है जब वो ज़ोर से हस देती है कुछ पढ़ के
पूछता हूँ .. भला ऐसा क्या पढ़ लिया?
उसने फिर से हस के नज़रे नीची कर ली
अब क्या ही पढता मै उसकी आँखों में
पर उस एहसास को पढ़ पाया था उस दिन
उस ख़ामोशी को समझ पाया था मै उस दिन
उसकी रूह तक झाँक आया था मै उस दिन
जहा पर कुछ उजली सी रोशन तसवीरें है
जिसे बड़े ही हिफाज़त से धूल चढ़ाई गयी है
कुछ खत भी मिले आधे जले से ..
कुछ शब्द मिले बिखरे हुए ..उसी खत के हो शायद
एक दुनिया मिली ठहरी हुई
एक रिश्ता मिला रिसता हुआ..
एक ज़ख्म दिखा ताज़ा पर पुराना सा
एक लड़की दिखी बेज़ुबान बुत सी
एक ख्वाहिश दिखी बुझी हुई
एक बस्ती दिखी उजड़ी हुई

और यु लगा कि हाँ ..हस्ते हुए भी कोई रो सकता है
हां यकीनन…मैंने देखा है उसकी आँखों को नज़दीक से


Soul Connection



Like an unpredicted thunderstorm

You took me away from my own self

With an electrical energy that was never felt

Are our souls old friends?

Have we met before …in some other world?

Some distant time and place…

With that one gaze, you captured my soul

You are a mystery yet so familiar

Like a sweet flute floating from far distant land

Reaching my ear…trying to recall it yet fail

This is not fading with the passing time

Rather getting stronger and mightier…

Soul connection can never be explained

Just felt, lived and embraced…


Re-discovered – Re-Kindled….


As they say, Time is the biggest teacher. Not just in my case, I think in everyone’s life, no one else could heal you as much as Time does. Recently an incident taught me this in a more vivid way that I could think of.

He went through a tough time, needed utmost care and attention at some point in time. I had to take him to another city to get things done, where I knew nobody. They don’t understand my language, neither do I do theirs. I was mostly on my own in an unknown city. I was so engrossed in taking care of him, that sometimes, I used to skip my meals as well. Never have I felt this much of dedication towards him. My motive was to make him feel better and calm and relaxed in every way I could. I was a nurse, a friend, a mom, a wife – everything. He used to get irritated sometimes and scold me for nothing. In spite of being an over-sensitive person, I digested all his anger, frustration, irritation and returned back a peaceful smile.

I am the youngest of the family and an over-pampered child. I used to depend on my siblings, friends and family to get every little thing done. He admitted once that he is dependant on me at some point in time. This was a great responsibility for me. In between, when we got some time away from family and kid, somehow, I explored my lost or hidden love for him which was layered under the dust of everyday hustle bustle of life. It is then, that I understood that it is very essential to pour your love, care and attention towards your loved once without expecting anything in return. You have to be selfless to keep your path of life lit forever…



I was analyzing, over analyzing, thinking, re-thinking, over thinking, interpreting, over interpreting and misinterpreting a situation. Cursing someone in mind, cursing my fate in mind and was also vocal about it. Yes I did all of that..

…and then suddenly …frantically…hysterically and wildly searching and invading something into my bag, as if it will cure all my problems….. Felt difficulty in breathing at a point in if I am a drug addict….

I somewhat felt the sting the drug addicts might have been going through…Fierce urge to have something…uncontrollable emotions…about to burst into tears….

Where is that piece of chocolate? Ahh…what a relief…And yes, it actually healed me…calmed me down…soothed me to the core-..and the soul is now satisfied…(on a much lighter note)




“I am just amazed by the way you complete me

An hour seems to be a life time…

A touch seems to be so divine…

At times, you are mean; at times you are lethal honest..

I can never have enough of you”…..

Said Radha to her Krishna…


Wind…the story conveyor…


She wants to evoke the time they met again

It all started as ordinary and plain

He loved her since ages and could not show

He could not stop the time and let it flow

She willingly went to an unknown place

To love everyone and to embrace

She poured her heart, her body and soul

Her emotional health took a toll

His love dawned upon her one fine night

She was bewildered, whether now is it right?

Why now, why not then?

She started questioning all over again

All the emotions…outbursts were carefully veiled

She resisted it…but splendidly failed

The waves were wild but now they are quite

Time has come for the story to re-write


Little Wonder


A magic happened last night! Yes Magic! A beautiful, magical, magnificent fairy came to me last night and with her fairy wand she taught me a life lesson which is very commonly heard these days but rarely applied: “Love yourself“. And the conversation goes as:

Me: (Sad, after returning back from my fitness class): Why me? Whats wrong with me? See my fellow has lost 3 Kgs weight in just 8 to 10 sessions. And look at me! Ghrrrr…. Not even an inch or half a pound deviated from what it was the very first day.

Fairy: hmmm….Now don’t be jealous.

Me: No, I am not jealous, I am just …..umm…..sad (it was actually heartbreaking for me )

Fairy: Did you hear that story of Rabbit?

Me: (Reluctant to listen to that age old Rabbit and Turtle story one more time), Yeahhh…I have heard that…turtle goes slow and wins it at the end. Yes I know that story.

Fairy: No Dear…That’s not the story, I am talking about..

Me: Then which one?

Fairy: It is a story of a Rabbit who was white in colour. He wandered around the forest and saw different birds and animals. He thought that all of them are so colorful and so different. But he was depressed as he only had one color and that is plain White. He tried to paint himself with Red, Blue, Green, Orange and what not in order to look like the other animals and birds…

At the end, an old fox came and told the Rabbit that you are very beautiful in your own way. Look at the pure white colour you have. You can mix different colours and get a new colour. But no one can make a white colour with mixing all the colours. So, white, in itself contains many colours in it. So, be happy that YOU are that colour. Rabbit understood the fact and stayed happy and content and beautiful as long as it lived.

Me: Who told you this story?

Fairy: It is there in my Hindi Text Book Mom and it was taught today in our class. So Mumma, you are beautiful as you are today and hugged me really tight…

Me: Tears roll down from my cheeks…no words to say…Absolutely speechless…

Now, do I need to tell you all, who is that Fairy? Yes…guessed it right…It is my 6 years old Daughter…

What astonished me, is that how the child analyzed my gloomy mood along with the disappointment of not losing weight, related the incident to one of the stories she has read in her school book and consoled me with all that she has like a Mother…..

Me, as a Mom, go through and witness many miracles every day with this little wonder…but this one, I will never be able to forget all my LIFE…could not stop myself from sharing it with you all….




You turn the black into white

You turn the dark into bright

The vague eyes …blinded by tears

You only bestow the sight

No, you do nothing

No talks of Fluffing

You turn back a man

From a dead point ending

With so much of care in heart

Even when your own falls apart

You give her the meaning

Of her own existence, her very own part

She leans, she learns, she counts on you

You were always the backbone, she never knew

And now when the eyes are soaring, the heart aching

You came back as fresh as moist dew

रिश्ते …

praise2वो रिश्ते बेहद खूबसूरत होते है
जिन पर कोई हक़ भी नहीं कोई शक भी नहीं


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