The Mistful Mind

Myriad of thoughts & feelings, unheard..unspoken words poured out..

Shining Stars…….


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Millions of pieces…. uncountable bruises…

Actually we have two different worlds which could never ever become one. The living beings are not cherished and something which is not real is much closer. What an Irony! Breathing existence are ignored and when they are dead…they are not even called by their names…just a body…and you spend your whole life pleasing these people, living according to them, killing your own wishes each day…every day and then what you get out of it? Sheer indifference! As if you are not needed. Day after day…night after night…she wanted deep thoughtful conversations, so at least she could speak her heart out…but, Days are spent in a different world and nights are living that world when awake.


How could she connect in a crisis time, when you have not given any importance to her when she needed it the most?  How could she stand by you, when you never paid heed to what she had to express? How could she understand you, when you have no time to listen to her needs? How could she feel your pain when you forced her to become a stone…hard lifeless….heartless….stone?


Yes, she wants to shut the door now…let’s part ways so that we don’t hurt each other anymore…let’s try to be happy in our own world and not forcing the other one to be stuck in this unhappy life anymore…Let her go…



A strong woman knows she has strength for the journey….

But a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will be strong…

An unfinished business…


You and I will always remain an unfinished business

Everyday living….everyday dying

Every new day…new awaiting

A mystery unresolved…hard to express…

You and I will always remain an unfinished business

We don’t hold…we don’t leave…

Life unfolds itself …its strands do un-weave…

A shining star is coming that we both believe…

Till the time…we become less obsess…

You and I will always remain an unfinished business



A Silent Noise


Sheer silence, No, it does not scare me anymore. Actually I am used to it.

Sometimes you want it…sometimes you get it when you don’t want it

Sometimes you crave for it

Other times, you are brave enough to let it be

Even the silence has some sound…a strange, queer noise in utter silence

But when I am with you even the silence speaks sweet words

We look at each other…Or in the other directions

We know that we are there for each other, no matter what!

That day…you were gazing at the other direction

And I was waiting for you to turn, so that I can read your eyes

So that I can see the loneliness there…

So that I can see the desire to not let go of the moment

But Strange! They are not there…You have moved on, I guess…


Could you not see the obviousness?

broekn house

The things that seem to be obvious but never are

Could you not see my eyes…?

Could you not see my pale face while you were leaving?

Was it not obvious for you for the obvious reasons that I didn’t want you to leave?

A simple word can mean a lot if you have the heart to listen to it…

I thought to retain my silence when things were unnoticed…

And it consumed me every day…each night…

How could I not be able to convince you of my feelings?

While others used to read my eyes…

Were you indifferent or was I not so coherent

This thought kills me even today…Though I have come so far…

So…so far from the old broken house and moved away…

Could you not see the obviousness?


My Tiny World


I have a Miniature world within me..

Which only I can see

I can be there all alone

Or may be with thee…

I can rest, I can walk, I can stay calm, I can talk

This is the world where I am completely free

Free from the wicked eyes…

Free from sinful disguise

It is encircled with love and reverence

Which I have enclosed within my own fence

I have a miniature world within me…

Which only I can see        


Her Eyes…


She always wears a beautiful smile on her face

But whenever I am alone…

The only thing that comes before my eyes are

Her glittering and mesmerizing eyes..

Which conceals several secrets, numerous pains…

She loves deeply, fiercely and could care in most amazing ways..

A heart full of love which she wanted to offer…

But no one could admire that golden heart and her silver eyes…


Travelling Back in Time..


I will carry you in my heart till the end

Yes my dear Friend!

You will be a hidden treasure in my heart

You may call this a profound art

You will go with me wherever I go

I bear you in my soul that you never know

The words, the moments, the journey and the stop

Everything is inscribed with the ink of teardrop

Recollections are not getting washed away though I tried hard

It was and will always be there at the memory’s backyard…



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