nightmareYes it is…Alice was not like this before..She was a calm and composed person not rebellious at all. And now she regrets why was she was not rebellious since her childhood. Alice was the most obedient kid and takes orders and commands happily. Never did go against anyone’s will..But she now wishes she was not raised like this. She sees people who love themselves and keep their own self in top priority list more than anything else, are the ones who are happy today.

Alice has always craved for good words if that is not too much to ask..after all who doesn’t like to be appreciated and admired? But harsh and insensitive words from close ones have made her insensitive and irritable too. In the name of conversation, there are hollow exchange of words, meaningless shitty words…and to top of it, few throws of hard rock disrespectful statements, may be to put an end to the conversation. This is what she has received till now.

Words are powerful and have great impact on others – positive and negative both. Now she has cut herself off somehow..does not feel like talking sometimes…May be she will not be able to convey the things she wants to and once again it will take a wrong turn..This thought haunts like a nightmare to her…No..she is tired now…Let her sleep…let her go back to her own world..where there was giggling sounds…smiling faces…loving eyes..caring words..sensible minds and respect for each other..Let the Alice be into her Wonderland…