“To be or not to be is the crisis

Is it worth of all the sacrifices?

That they have made for just to see happy Smiles

Never thought once to cross thousands of Miles!”

We are so immersed in our own life, own crisis, own problems, issues and trifle things of life, that we cannot come out from that. Think of them who live their life amidst all crisis. They are not afraid of death, everyday they live staring straight into the eyes of death. Their families don’t know whether they will be able to see their husband, lover, son, father or friend the next time or not. Still they bid them good bye with smile on their lips and tears in eyes. The tears are mixed with proud soul and a broken heart. They seldom can fulfill the promises that they have made to their mothers, their sisters, their wife, children and friends. But they never fail to keep their promise which they made to their land – their country and the promise is to keep the people safe till their last breath! Salute to All the soldiers who are there to save us from the worst.