Not everyone is meant to be with you… Some part their ways in the middle….Those who hold your hands forever are very few…who will keep the spark lit and kindle. They will show you love in many ways…they will be your support… But they will not stay in your life. You will only see them on the surface…Deep within your heart they will leave the mark…You will yearn for them once they are gone…So, live and love your near and dear ones as much as you can. Do not miss a chance to let them know that you love…that you care…Be with them…hold their hands once and their heart for ever. Spend time with them…let them feel alive when you are with them… Let them feel that they have you when they need the most. The love that you will give will eventually come to you in abundance…Don’t just swim in the surface….show an unfathomable combination of love, trust and care & experience the beautiful world…