pupu swimming.jpg

Life is all about a balancing act…There are many First’s’ in our lives. This is one of them. Today she went to her first swimming class. She is ever fascinated with water…I was constantly watching her moves with a mixed feeling of anxiety and inherent tension, happiness, excitement and the joy of seeing her extremely happy.. I stood still on the bank while she was floating with her tube as if she knows everything…Certainly it was her first time in so much of water but it did not seem so…I was amazed to see her confidence and self-reliance. When asked to come back, she chuckled and went on enjoying her freedom – dancing, playing and rippling in the pool.

She will play, she will learn, win, lose, make mistakes, fail, learn from her mistakes and again will try…everything will become a part and weave a story and then yes! WE are always there at the bank to set things right when in need!!