She want peace in her life but there is some or the other noise hovering over… How easy it is to say do not compare your life to others…but is it really that easy? Ask your mind…ask your heart and the inner conscience. Don’t we ever feel low when we see others happy and there is nothing in our life which is going the way we want it to be? When we see others enjoying their life and we struggling each day…every day….to get those things which make us happy…really Happy…How many of us can be calm and patient? How many of us not feel bad and let down.


How many of us stay composed even after knowing this well that we deserve much much more than what we have now? Tell me honestly. I am being honest here, which may sound negative or discourteous but yes this is the fact. We just have one life and we need to make maximum out of it. She does not know what happiness is? But when she buy something for herself, it pleases her. she does not know what bliss is? But when she goes to a serene place where nature is at its best, she feels blissful. she does not know what being cared and respected is? But when she see others who are being cared and respected a lot even after doing all wrong things, she feels dejected and this puts a question mark in her mind about being honest, good, caring and the way people of your surroundings want her to be. Is being good really good? Or one should just think of own self and do what it wants? she might look calm but it’s just a disguise. she really needs a big break before she has to get back to daily rat race business. But there is no escape from this feeling. even if she does not want to feel it, it will still be there.