IMG-20171220-WA0033Now, a-days, a strange feeling is hovering over. A strong urge to escape…a feeling to run away is taking over. At some point of time, she wants to get up and flee away somewhere…sometimes she just want to go to an unknown place where no one would know her. Anyways, she is not a celebrity that she needs to hide herself from the eyes of her fan…No, nothing like that. Then why she wants to hide? Where she wants to go? Why she wants to escape? From whom she wants to go away? This is an eerie feeling.

Now-a-days, she wants to learn many things at one go…sometimes; she wants to learn the art of stitching and knitting, which she has hardly done in her life throughout and was never too interested about. Other times, she wants to learn painting, dancing, music, sketching, gardening and what not? She can spend hours and hours just watching beautiful, innovative videos to decorate homes, she feels happy seeing those DIY project videos. Whether she is able to do any one of them or not, is a different story altogether. She wants to read a book, but leaves it half way. She wants to travel, but is afraid to. Why? There is no answer or maybe it is better not to answer.

Now-a-days, she is searching aimlessly which course she should pursue to improve her skills and knowledge, but she is not able to make up her mind yet. She is searching and searching and just searching, whether it is a job, a course, a professional skill, a place, a refuge, a solace or may be a person. She is just searching, but finding nothing. Nothing seems to fill her cup. Sometimes, she wants to visit her native place, later on thinks, there will be no rest there as well. People will ask numerous questions, but nobody would be willing to understand. She has started the most dangerous thing to herself. She has started comparing her life with others. She sees others happy even after hundreds of wrong doings they have done. She is doing everything right, but is not happy. Others are getting everything they want, her happiness is snatched away.