The Mistful Mind

Myriad of thoughts & feelings, unheard..unspoken words poured out..

A dream within a dream…


Have you seen a dream at dawn?

It seems so real, so newly born

So fresh in your remembrance

So lively in all its presence

Have you seen the only star shining bright?

Glowing – spreading everywhere its light

Twinkling and showering love

Telling you the meaning of true-love, re-love

I wish not to open my eyes

For I don’t want to lose what lies

A dream, no matter how real it may seem

Will fade away with the truth extreme




IMG-20171220-WA0033Now, a-days, a strange feeling is hovering over. A strong urge to escape…a feeling to run away is taking over. At some point of time, she wants to get up and flee away somewhere…sometimes she just want to go to an unknown place where no one would know her. Anyways, she is not a celebrity that she needs to hide herself from the eyes of her fan…No, nothing like that. Then why she wants to hide? Where she wants to go? Why she wants to escape? From whom she wants to go away? This is an eerie feeling.

Now-a-days, she wants to learn many things at one go…sometimes; she wants to learn the art of stitching and knitting, which she has hardly done in her life throughout and was never too interested about. Other times, she wants to learn painting, dancing, music, sketching, gardening and what not? She can spend hours and hours just watching beautiful, innovative videos to decorate homes, she feels happy seeing those DIY project videos. Whether she is able to do any one of them or not, is a different story altogether. She wants to read a book, but leaves it half way. She wants to travel, but is afraid to. Why? There is no answer or maybe it is better not to answer.

Now-a-days, she is searching aimlessly which course she should pursue to improve her skills and knowledge, but she is not able to make up her mind yet. She is searching and searching and just searching, whether it is a job, a course, a professional skill, a place, a refuge, a solace or may be a person. She is just searching, but finding nothing. Nothing seems to fill her cup. Sometimes, she wants to visit her native place, later on thinks, there will be no rest there as well. People will ask numerous questions, but nobody would be willing to understand. She has started the most dangerous thing to herself. She has started comparing her life with others. She sees others happy even after hundreds of wrong doings they have done. She is doing everything right, but is not happy. Others are getting everything they want, her happiness is snatched away.


Torn between dreams & realities…


I long to speak thousands words in a minute but I chose silence

So that I can choke myself within and keep it as remembrance

I guzzle every breath feeling your presence

So that superficial words may not ruin the essence

Sitting on the green grass, gazing the sky

With you by my side my heart desires to fly

An action replay of all your words just goes infinitely

Will I ever? Ever be able to deny?

Your argot, your thoughts, your words that taught

Me about my own sense of being

But alas, I lost me in you perfectly

Never to return back from there and I must not


Walk in the woods…


Nobody holds me tight as you do…

You hold me as if someone is gasping for life

Reluctant to let go of me…

Making my inner being as happy as can be…

With all those blabbering claptrap

While there’s nothing in between called as gap

Not in heart, neither in mind, nor in souls

Hold me tight once again with that warm wrap of arms

Through those lonely woods where no one strolls…


Winter comes…

My sketch1.JPG

She has her own battles to be won

She has her own marathon to run

Several miles are lying to be covered

There are a lot more to be done

#Mysketch #Loveforsketching #Pencilsketch

The Supreme Glorious Light


या देवी सर्व भुतेशु शक्ति रूपेण संस्थितः

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः



..and “she” continued to exist…


What is death?

Is it the same I am experiencing every day?

The death of desires…the demise of love?

The ruin of affection…the fall of warmth…

They say, women are stronger…              

They can show their woe no longer

They are not allowed to express…

They have to bury their longings and suppress…

I am burdened… I am bewildered…I am lost

I am shaken and the faith is all tossed…

It’s somewhat like a forced compulsion

Continue to walk barefoot on a scorched trail

Even if it’s dead as a bone…lifeless and frail


Try ‘n’ Understand


Yes I will try…I will understand…

I will keep shut and know you are busy

I would not react as it could appear cheesy

I will not look forward for our meeting

Coz I know you might somewhere else be greeting

Yes I will try…I will understand…


I will not wait for you to call

As I know there is a huge mammoth wall

I will not look ahead to see you, holding you close

Even if my heart sinks, my limbs frail, my voice lows

Yes I will try…I will understand…


I will not cry even if inside it all breaks

As you might be resting at the bank of beautiful lakes

I will not voice my pain; I will hide all the sore

It will all be veiled in the shawl I wore

Yes I will try…I will understand…


That tender touch…


I needed you when words didn’t work              

I needed you when my voice did lurk

When I was stuck amongst countless pretenders

I needed your touch…so soft….so tender

When the Sky was all dark with the misty cloud

I wanted to be dispersed within your soul unbowed

When eyes are blinded with tears and dust

When all the relations caught deep dark rust

I needed you to bring back my faith …my trust…

I needed you and my Wanderlust


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